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The Scripted Commitment


 Why your Non-profit organization needs Scripted: 


: Fundraising is a fundamental part of your non-profit's financial health. If you're not pursuing grant opportunities, it's time for a check up. Like, right now.

: Grant funding is just that, it's funding that is "granted," typically via foundations, corporations or government entities.

: There are literally billions. Yes, Ba-buh, BILLIONS of dollars of grant monies out there to pursue, annually. Billions with a B, people.

: In fact, in 2016, Foundations - which includes grants made by independent, community, and operating foundations - gave $59.28 billion (15% of all donations). This represents a 3.5% increase from 2015. (1)

: Grant writing is a creative, complex craft. It's an organization's unique opportunity to tell it's story for a potentially far-reaching benefit.

: Scripted is here for just that. To help you reach, farther than you've ever reached on your own.


Daisy's Place, Newark, NJ

"My grant writing experience with Suri has been amazing! Everything was explained in great detail, our vision was incorporated into the grant as well as our purpose. Suri has been professional, helpful, and transparent during this process! Scripted does an amazing job! Thank you!"

- Diamond Beachum, Founder & Executive Director