Grant Prospect Research

Finding potential funders for your organization can be a task in and of itself. This is the first step in the grant seeking process and is vital in securing potential grant monies. This also translates to contacting the funder, asking the right questions and building a strong rapport with the appropriate contact. Let me do all the leg work in finding viable funders for your non-profit. This service is available on a specific or ongoing contractual basis.

1.    Grant Research: billed @ $75.00/hourly (4 viable grant searches minimum @ 1 grant search per hour) **All grant research is conducted via a paid, credible, online grant directory

Grant Writing & Editing

I will compose all, or part, of your organization’s grant proposal. Review meetings will be included in the pricing as well. You can also hire me to edit your proposal before you submit it to avoid any grammatical errors or inconsistencies. I’ll also check to make sure that all required documentation is included and in the correct order.

1.    Grant Template: I will compose a basic grant template for your organization. Submission and attachments are  completely up to you. You can reuse this template for future grant submissions as well: $1,000.00

2.    Multiple Grants/Submissions: I offer 2 grants/month plus submissions with this service. I will compose and submit 2 grants per month on your organization's behalf. I require a 3-month minimum for this service: $1,500.00/month

Should your grant require a letter of intent prior to application: LOIs billed @ $75.00/hourly.

Grant Reporting & Compliance

In the favorable event your organization wins grant monies from a potential funder, they will require grant reports on an annual, bi-annual or even quarterly basis. Hire us to handle all of your organization’s compliance needs.

1. Grant Reporting & Compliance narratives billed @ $75.00/hourly

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