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Why hire a grant writing consultant?

Great question, right?

I mean, it is.

I can sum this up in two LOUD words for you: Money S-A-V-E-R.

How many non-profits out there have an in-house grant writer? Plenty.

How much does it cost to employ a full-time, in-house grant writer? Well.

In my hometown of Houston, TX, the median annual Grants/Proposal Writer salary is $66,405, as of May 30, 2017, with a range usually between $59,516-$74,598 not including bonus and benefit information and other factors that may impact base pay.

That’s good money, right? Why yes, yes, it is.

If you’re a non-profit, chances are you’re probably trying to cut costs wherever humanly possible.

While it may be appropriate for the larger non-profits of the world (i.e. The United Way Worldwide with a mega $3.78 billion budget) to have in-house grant writers, smaller non-profits can’t always afford this.

This is where services like mine come in REAL handy. Like, clutch.

Rather than paying a full-time staff member, you’re only paying for the assembly of grants you’d like to pursue.

Moreover, this means no handsome full-time salary, benefits or bonus monies out of pocket for your organization.

Hiring a grant writing consultant also gives you more flexibility. Yes, please!

Most grant writers have specific niches in which they write.

Looking for federal monies from the government for your organization? Find a consultant with extensive federal grant writing experience.

Are you a faith-based non-profit organization wanting to apply for funds from various religious institutions? Yes, you say? Find yourself a consultant with sizable church grant writing experience.

The verbiage and flow of the various grant types differs, greatly.

Hence, hiring a professional.

There are lavish amounts of funding opportunities out there, regardless of your non-profit type. The key is simply in finding the right grant writer.

With that, find a grant writing consultant you like, then stick with them.

You can pay your consultant per project or on a short to long-term contractual basis.

Conclusively, when thinking about fundraising avenues for your organization, I strongly encourage you to consider hiring a grant writing consultant, first.

Happy grantseeking!

That's all, folks.


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