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The Business of People

The Business of People

What is this?

You’ve heard it, yes?

I know you have.

You’re at a networking event. You’re meeting new people. You run into a poised gentleman in an eye-catching suit and ask what he does for a living.

His response: “I’m in the business of people.”

When really, he’s the Client Relations Specialist for his company.

Fact: his title literally reads “My specialty is to relate to my company’s clients.”

BUT, folks. Yes, there’s a but.

When push comes to shove, aren’t we ALL in the business of people? Why yes, yes, we are.

In fact, if you’re not, chances are your business isn’t performing at its peak.

With 7 billion beautiful people in the world, this had better be your business. It had BETTER be.

At the end of the day, you hire other people entrusting them to represent your brand well. Which is really all I’m encouraging here. Passive-aggressively.

<inserts laughter here>

Understand that a business needs money to thrive. Yes. Understand that sales drive revenue. Yes. Where do sales come from? You guessed it, smarty-pants. People.

More than anything, the relationships you build along the way will supersede anything else you do for yourself or for your company. Promise.

I keep all promises, swear.

So, hello, how are you? I’m Suri. It’s so nice to meet you.

I’m in the business of people.

So are you, you say?

Well. Then. Please, let’s connect.

This is a short post but an important one.

I want to hear from you. No agenda. Just to know you. I’m confident that at some point, you and I will find a reason to need one another.

Relationships are ultimately all we really have and ABSOLUTELY all we leave with. Fact.

I’ve hit you with multiple factoids in this post. So please, save up.

You’re welcome.

I look forward to connecting with you very soon!


Suri J. Clark

Human Connection; Profound Impact

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