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Commitment to the Cause

We are here, it is September.

If you haven’t already heard, my city recently dealt with a very large dose of devastation by way of #HurricaneHarvey.

Much of my beloved Houston was and still is, under water.

It makes me sad to know a lot of my fellow Houstonians can’t really go “home” for an indefinite amount of time. Home is so good, isn’t it?

Hurricane Harvey was devastating. Honestly, it still is. It still will be, for some time.


The silver lining?

There’s always one of those, praise God.

Never have you seen a city come together quite like the residents of Houston, TX.

The unity in these streets is just so sweet, ya’ll.

We’re out here loving our neighbors strong, regardless of anything else. Helping each other tear apart homes to remove and rebuild. Thousands of people volunteering to sort clothing and serve food at local shelters to the many displaced families across the city.

There’s a hashtag trending and it couldn’t be more appropriate for what we are currently demonstrating.


When I read that, it gives me chills. Because I love my city and our current, strong sense of community.

We all love Houston. It’s been so good to us.

It’s so incredibly beautiful.

Today and the many days ahead, my cause is restoration for my city.

Do you know yours?

More often than not, organizations suffer from what the non-profit world likes to call “mission drift" aka a lack of commitment to your cause.

“Mission drift” is the term given when a non-profit (or other type of entity) either finds that it has moved away from the organization’s mission; or the organization consciously moves into a new direction from its mission statement. Sometimes this is done by accident unintentionally and sometimes the organization means to change their direction.

The former is an absolute “NO-NO” when it comes to potential funders lending support to your organization.

Why, you might ask?

While a non-profit is typically created by individuals out to make a positive change for a pressing cause, they still require a level of responsibility. Like any other organization.

When people donate their time and money, volunteer or spread awareness, they are absolutely doing it because of what your organization stands for.

What you stand for is LOUDLY, your mission statement.

The potential risk in mission drift can be catastrophic to a non-profit, especially in an economy in which donors only give where their dollar holds IMPACT.

This impact usually comes by way of an organization’s programs, resulting in a viable solution for the community it serves.

If you decide to change directions, there’s a way to do it without jeopardizing your entire organization’s credibility.

Stay tuned and we’ll discuss that in our next blog post.

Thanks for reading.

God bless!


Suri J. Clark

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